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Development Agency FDANews A company from Fribourg will head for the Moon

A company from Fribourg will head for the Moon

In three years, the FLEX rover, the result of an international collaboration involving the Fribourg-based company Venturi Lab will head for the Moon. This rover is the largest and most powerful in the history of lunar vehicles. In 2026, SpaceX will use its Starship launch and landing system to transport FLEX to the lunar surface.

Venturi Lab SA was founded in 2021 in Corminboeuf with the assistance of the Fribourg Development Agency. The team is made up of experienced and passionate engineers, chemists and physicists who hold over 250 accumulated patents in the fields of electromobility, fuel cells, materials science, composite materials, processes, software engineering, computer science, space mobility and polymer science.

The Fribourg Development Agency is proud that the Venturi Group, a pioneer in innovation in the electric vehicle sector, is developing its R&D activities within the Fribourg-based company Venturi Lab.

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