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Why Fribourg ?

The Canton of Fribourg is attracting more and more companies wishing to operate in the heart of Switzerland and Europe.

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Strategic Location

The Canton of Fribourg is situated on the main road and rail networks of Switzerland and Europe and is traversed by two motorways.

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Discover the testimonials of Managers and CEOs about their experiences in the canton of Fribourg.

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Commercial real estate

Unlike other regions of Switzerland, land and commercial real estate are readily available across the Canton to companies wishing to establish operations.

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Support measures

The Canton of Fribourg can support innovative companies, whose market is largely outside the Canton.

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Business Development

Companies that locate in the Canton of Fribourg can benefit from the technology and innovation platform.

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Discover some companies that are active globally and that have chosen to locate in Fribourg.

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The canton of Fribourg developed partnerships at the international, national and supra-cantonal levels.

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Support from the Fribourg Development Agency

The Fribourg Development Agency is readily available to advise and guide you through the many support mechanisms and opportunities offered by the Canton of Fribourg.

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