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Development Agency FDANews The Fribourg Development Agency gains ground despite a challenging context

The Fribourg Development Agency gains ground despite a challenging context

The Fribourg Development Agency (FDA) presented today a solid annual report at the new premises of IMMOMIG Ltd in Düdingen. Despite a challenging geopolitical environment, the FDA supported a total of 40 company projects in 2023 (previous year: 41). The 40 companies involved plan to create 767 new jobs in the Canton of Fribourg in the coming years (previous year: 587). Additionally, thanks to the FDA, approximately 1000 existing jobs in Fribourg-based companies have been reinforced. Furthermore, 23 projects were supported by the New Regional Policy.

In the Canton of Fribourg, the FDA serves as the point of contact for companies developing or establishing their activities. It is also responsible for implementing the New Regional Policy (NRP) in the Canton of Fribourg. Last year, the FDA supported a total of 40 company projects and 23 NRP projects. The projects included 24 expansions and 16 new establishments. Of the 16 establishments, the majority (10 projects) came from Switzerland.

An example of a new Swiss company establishing operations in the canton is that of Algaltek LLC, which settled on a thriving AgriCo campus in St-Aubin. Algaltek is a biotech spin-off from EPFL specializing in algae production.

Strengthening of 1000 jobs in Fribourg companies

In addition to expansions and new establishments, companies are also undertaking projects that strengthen existing employment in the long term. Last year, approximately 1000 jobs were secured in the canton thanks to the actions taken by the FDA. This includes SMG Swiss Marketplace Group Ltd in Flamatt. The FDA supported SMG in its search for a new site to retain the 160 jobs in the Canton of Fribourg. SMG chose the bluefactory site located in the center of the city of Fribourg. It is an attractive site easily accessible to employees from all over Switzerland. The relocation is scheduled for the second half of 2024.

“The work of Development Agency is long-term,” said State Councillor and Minister of Economic Affairs. “Year after year, its actions have a profound impact on our economy, both quantitatively and qualitatively, which I am extremely pleased about.”

On his part, Jerry Krattiger, Managing Director of the Fribourg Development Agency, also highlighted that the FDA is increasingly supporting research and development (R&D) projects. “The importance of R&D projects in Fribourg companies is growing. In 2023, we supported 13 of these projects, 6 of which were co-financed at the federal level by Innosuisse.”

New Regional Policy with 23 projects

As part of the NRP, 23 new projects were approved last year in the canton of Fribourg. Among these, 18 are in the field of research and innovation and 5 in tourism. The year 2023 also marked the end of the implementation program 2020-2023, which lasted for 4 years. Last year, the State Council and the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) approved the implementation program 2024-2027, which continues the previous four-year program.


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Our host, IMMOMIG SA in Düdingen

This year’s annual press conference of the FDA is taking place in the new building of IMMOMIG Ltd in Düdingen. Founded 20 years ago by Patrick Maillard, then a computer science student in Fribourg, IMMOMIG Ltd has become a leading provider of software for real estate professionals in Switzerland. Through its cutting-edge algorithms, the Immomig® software enables the automation and integration of numerous activities, thus optimizing each process. Its comprehensive solutions also include website creation, the digital rental system DigiRENT, and publication on its new portal Having benefited from the structures of the Fri Up program in its early stages, obtained the Genilem label for French-speaking Switzerland, and being a laureate of the Venture Leaders prize, IMMOMIG Ltd now owns its new building in Düdingen and has over 500 clients.