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Support measures

Financial instruments for project implementation

The Canton of Fribourg can support innovative companies, whose market is largely outside the Canton, through financial grants to support investment, job creation, innovation, rental costs or the opening of new markets. Loan guarantees are also possible. We are at your disposal to detail these various support measures.


Venture capital, minority shareholder participation and loans

Support in the form of financial participation by Effort Fribourg SA and Venture Capital Fribourg Ltd is also possible.

Favorable tax conditions and extraordinary depreciations

Under certain conditions, companies can benefit, from a partial or total tax exemption on municipal, cantonal and federal (in certain areas) levels for a period of up to ten years.

Extraordinary depreciations

The Cantonal Tax Administration can allow companies making significant investments, but not otherwise fulfilling the conditions for tax exemptions, to make extraordinary depreciations, or to create corresponding reserves.

Special tax deductions for expatriates

In accordance with the Federal Ordinance on expatriates, persons holding a managerial position, as well as specialists who take up residence in Switzerland to complete a temporary task (five-year maximum gainful employment) benefit from special provisions. The expatriate can choose between a standard deduction of CHF 1,500.– per month, or the reduction of actual (substantiated) costs including:

  • moving expenses to Switzerland and the costs of returning to the country of origin
  • travel expenses for the expatriate and his/her family at the start and end of the working period between Switzerland and the country of origin
  • reasonable costs of accommodation in Switzerland provided a permanent property is maintained in the country of origin
  • actual costs of foreign language education for minors at a private school, provided that public schools are unable to offer an equivalent education in the requested language