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Pourquoi Fribourg ?

Fribourg in brief

The Canton of Fribourg is attracting more and more companies wishing to operate in the heart of Switzerland and Europe.

Strong population growth

Over the next twenty years (2015-2035) the Canton will experience the second greatest population growth rate in Switzerland with a 13% increase. French is currently the primary language for 68% of the population and German for 28%, making Fribourg the heart of Swiss bilingualism. Expatriates and foreigners make up 21% of the Canton’s population.

A dynamic economy

The gross domestic product per capita is CHF 57,772.– From 1995 to 2015, exports increased by 263% (compared to 190% in the rest of Switzerland). Exports as a percentage of GDP are at 53% (Switzerland 43%). Precision instruments, watches, jewelry, pharmaceutical and chemical products, machinery and electronics represent the main export sectors.

About 20,000 firms domiciled in Fribourg are listed in the commercial register.

The unemployment rate in 2015 was 3.0% while the national rate was 3.3%.

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