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Experts to work for your development

To support entrepreneurs in their business innovation and in the development of their ability to compete, platinn and Fri Up have a network of coaches who provide expert advice and targeted support in four key areas:

  • Innovation of products and services
  • Organizational innovation
  • Development of distribution channels and
  • Finding new markets

These coaches can also call on experts in the fields of intellectual property, finance, legal issues, etc…



Patrick Albert
Rue de Romont 33
1701 Fribourg

T +41 26 347 48 48

Fri Up

Yann Steulet
Passage Cardinal 11
1705 Fribourg

T +41 26 425 45 00

Easier access to research institutes

INNOSQUAREstrengthens companies’ innovative capability with access to talented engineering resources as well as research and innovation competences and equipment. As the recognized research and innovation partner of the blueFACTORY, INNOSQUARE facilitates interactions between business and academia and contributes to the innovation policy of the canton of Fribourg. The platform aims to improve the competitiveness of Competence Center and Cluster partners as well as that of technology-based businesses. TechTransfer Fribourg is the technology transfer office of Fribourg University, Adolphe Merkle Institute and the School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg. This platform serves as a key entry point for companies who want to explore partnership opportunities with research institutes. It also advises on intellectual property issues. Alliance, the knowledge and technology transfer consortium of western Switzerland, plays a similar role on a larger scale: it provides companies with an impressive network of 6,000 researchers from universities and teaching hospitals.



Pascal Bovet
Passage du Cardinal 1
Bâtiment A
1700 Fribourg

T +41 26 429 66 56
M +41 79 506 90 27

TechTransfer Fribourg

Jean-Philippe Bacher
School of Engineering and Architecture Fribourg
Bd de Pérolles 80
1700 Fribourg

T +41 26 429 67 55

Alliance EPFL

Quartier de l’innovation
Bâtiment J
1015 Lausanne

T +41 21 693 35 75

Show your innovative power

You want to introduce your innovative company to a wider audience? Then apply for the Canton of Fribourg’s Innovation Award. Organized through the Fribourg Development Agency under the auspices of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Vocational Training of the Canton of Fribourg, the Innovation Award is awarded every two years.