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Development Agency FDANews The 2018 edition of Fribourg Network Freiburg explores what makes the canton of Fribourg great
FNF 2018

The 2018 edition of Fribourg Network Freiburg explores what makes the canton of Fribourg great

In contrast to the 2017 edition on the digital economy and technology, Fribourg Network Freiburg this year turns the spotlight on quality of life. Rather than relying on trite marketing clichés, the magazine lets businesspeople and others who have grown up in the canton or have made it their adopted home do the talking and explain why they have chosen to study, work or live here. Alongside the print edition, the FNF eBook, which is available for PC, tablet and smartphone, offers a wealth of additional written and audiovisual content. All versions are offered in English, French, German and Mandarin Chinese. Eight videos to accompany the 2018 edition have also been posted today on the FNF website. The launch of the 2018 edition of Fribourg Network Freiburg was held today in the kitchen of Frédérik Kondratowicz, the renowned Franco-Swiss chef who is still under the charm of his adopted home even after more than 30 years living and working here. According to Cantonal Minister of Economic Affairs, Olivier Curty, who also attended the launch, “Quality of life is certainly one of the key reasons why the canton of Fribourg is such an attractive proposition for firms.” The latest edition of the business magazine is divided into three sections. The first showcases companies and institutions that are helping to improve our quality of life. In the second section, entitled “Fribourg as seen by…”, a dozen locals, members of the business community, expats as well as the legendary ice-hockey player Slava Bykov, reveal what they love most about the canton. The final section looks at the unique environment that enables the canton to offer a high quality of life.