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The canton of Fribourg offers a wide array of financial support mechanisms and tools for business creation and innovation.

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Take advantage of the experience of our coaches and specialists to support your creativity!

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The Canton of Fribourg supports entrepreneurship and the launch of new projects through numerous institutions and funds.

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Office Space

In order to support the development of projects submitted by startups and young companies, several partners propose an appropriate infrastructure.

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Business Development – Networking

Institutions, universities and companies in Fribourg are fully integrated within many networks. By choosing to establish your company in Fribourg, you can strengthen your business.

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Cyril Boinay, Co-Founder Bcomp Llc: “The founders of Bcomp selected Fribourg as the location for their new company thanks to the professional assistance available to start-ups and the multilingual environment…”

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The ideal location to create your company. Discover companies that made Fribourg their base !

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Support from the FDA

The Fribourg Development Agency is readily available to advise and guide you through the many support mechanisms and opportunities offered by the Canton of Fribourg.

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